Ever since he was a teenager growing up in Sarasota, Florida he had a passion for capturing images. With his gang of friends as stuntmen and early skateboard tricksters he began to apply his craft. Back then that meant using a Kodak Super 8mm film camera and color reversal film cartridges. There was a local lab to develop the print and crude tape and glue editing for final distribution on the wall using a noisy projector which inevitably would destroy the master print. So while some things have changed others have remained the same.

Having honed his video production skills over 20 years working on and producing commercials, music videos and corporate pieces AfterGlow Video (AGV) has become the vehicle for generating edgier, independently produced material, including underground documentaries, live video mixing and eye-catching motion graphics.

UnderGround Zero was the first full-length documentary produced by AfterGlow Video. This 45 minute piece capture the sights, sounds and thoughts of the emerging underground music scene in Central Florida.

Among the other programs that have followed is Flashback an hour-long experiential piece on Burning Man – a week-long eclectic arts festival in the Nevada desert. Working with three camera teams in such a remote and unpredictable location with spontaneous action, unscheduled interviews and simultaneous events was challenging and exciting. The task of culling the hours of raw footage, live and recorded audio, 2D and 3D animations into a tight, informative, and like the event itself, artistic statement was a major achievement.

After several years in development working along with musician, Marty Balin, (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) a documentary “We Can Be Together” featuring the band consisting of never-before-seen footage shot by band members on a very early video camera has been released. It is contained in a commemorative 50 year anniversary music CD released by Balin while independent release is being sought.

A short film, Persuasion, directed and edited by Eddy was a finalist for the Entertainment Industry Incubator’s Collaboration series and premiered in Coconut Groove, Miami 1/06. AGV completed two hour-long shows airing on FOX SPORTS NET in June 2004/05 about the Playboy Scramble, a Nationwide golf tournament where the players compete for prizes and a trip to the Playboy mansion. Currently in post-production, is a documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of the seminar psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane in a collaboration with founding member Marty Balin.

AGV is well established in the Tampa Bay market servicing a wide-variety of clients, production houses and local Government agencies taking pride in being able to meet production challenges with creativity and professionalism. AGV specializes in bringing together years of experience in Video Production, non-linear editing and motion graphic creation for producing narrative, non-narrative, music-driven programs with professionalism and creativity. AGV is always on the lookout for novel and exciting ways to employ and distribute visual imagery and unique storytelling abilities to new markets.

AfterGlow Video Demo Reel


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